About bluedot

Bringing Financial Freedom To The World By Creating The Best Crypto Exchange On The Planet

our mission

Bring financial freedom to the world

1 billion people don’t have access to banks. They can’t get access to financial services nor transfer money in an easy and reasonable way

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our mission

Bluedots mission is to bring financial freedom to the world

our vision

We aim to create the best cryptocurrency exchange in the world

core values

We work everyday after these key values - Trustworthy - Innovative - User Friendly


Bluedot is the home of crypto

Bluedot is a cryptocurrency platform for trading and transfering funds

One billion people in the world are unbanked. This is what Bluedot is aiming to be a part of changing. 

With a user-friendly design, low minimum deposit (10 USD), the best customer support we work every day to bring financial freedom to more people all over the globe.


Join Bluedot

It’s easy to create an account and become part of the Bluedot World. Minimum deposit is only 1 US Dollar


The Bluedot team is aiming to deliver the best possible experience for everyone in the world in need of financial freedom every day.

Selena Joey

Web Developer





As seen in the press

The New Global Crypto Exchange About to Launch
Start-up Bluedot has raised SEK 20 million to establish itself as one of the major global crypto exchanges. The company's service will soon be launched in the first markets.
Bluedot - wants to challenge giants like Coinbase and Binance
Just when you are confident in your knowledge about cryptocurrencies, marlets and finances, you happen to learn more about making profits with this wonderful site and talented experts.
How States Can Fight Cryptocrime - Bluedot Crypto Tells
Fighting cryptocrime starts with fighting the many misconceptions that have been built around it. Like the idea that cryptocurrency transactions are untraceable and anonymous.

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