Coin Listing

Bluedot Crypto can help you get your coin listed and marketed to the right people for your coin project.

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Why Use Bluedot Crypto For Coin Listing

Bluedot is the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange in the world. 

Bluedot offers coin listings for projects that pass our review process. 

We have the marketing expertise to market your coin before, during and after listing – both on the Bluedot Platform but also externally with targeted digital marketing.

Bluedot has local Teams in 20 countries

Bluedot Crypto is the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange in the World.

With local offices in 20 countries all over the world we have a unique local knowledge in countries from Norway, Sweden and Denmark to Spain, Serbia, Albania, Nigeria, Tanzania, Peru and many more.


our story

our concept & mission

The goal was to create the most secure and easy to use cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

Our mission is to bring financial freedom to the World. 

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