The Blotter info panel gathers all your trading information, including filling orders, triggering positions’ protection, closing positions, balance operations, Bluedot Copy provider’s and investor’s alerts, as well as FXStreet Financial & Crypto News, Economic Calendar events, trading signals from Trading Central and Autochartist.

Blotter filter settings can be applied to customize the list of events for increased convenience.

The available options are

Market Analysis #

The Market Analysis options allow you to choose information important for market analysis to be displayed in the Blotter. More specifically, the following options are available:

  • Calendar Events. Important calendar events are displayed in the Blotter.

  • Autochartist. Autochartist suggestions are displayed in the Blotter.

  • Trading Central. Trading Central suggestions are displayed in the Blotter.

  • Financial News. Financial News are displayed in the blotter

Trading Accounts #

You can choose the accounts for which the events will be displayed in the Blotter

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