Traders often use several trading accounts with one or several brokers.

Bluedot ID is a single profile that allows signing in with a unified set of credentials to any of the broker’s Bluedot applications and switching between the trading accounts with one click without the need of entering the account number and password combinations each time.

You only need to log in once with your email and password, (or with your Google or Facebook account), and all your trading accounts become available from your Bluedot ID.

After logging in with your cTID to any Bluedot application, you get instant access to all your trading accounts with the corresponding broker, as well as workspaces, watchlists, email settings, price alerts, copying accounts, and much more.

Your cTID credentials are securely held at dedicated servers with the highest level of encryption to provide you with a safe trading environment wherever you are.

Bluedot ID (cTID) is a set of credentials used for signing in across all Bluedot applications and across different brokers by using a single unified account.

Creating Bluedot ID Profile #

With the first launch of the Bluedot Web App, a cTID register form will pop up automatically. Here you can sign up for a cTID profile, or log in with the existing one.

To create a new cTID profile, type in your email and password, and click Sign Up. Alternatively, use the respective buttons below to sign up via Facebook or Google.

Note that in case of signing up via the social networks, you should be logged in to your Facebook or Google account.

In this case, your cTID will be created automatically, and your social network account credentials will be automatically assigned as cTID credentials.

Your email registered for the respective account will be used as your cTID email address.

Trading Account and cTID #

Your trading accounts with a broker are automatically linked to your cTID. After logging in to Bluedot with your cTID, the respective broker’s trading accounts will open automatically.

If you have decided to create a new cTID, you can contact your broker to relink (link) your existing trading account to your new Bluedot ID.

Managing cTID #

Hover over the cTID bar to the upper right to expand the Bluedot ID settings.

From this drop-down, you can change the cTID credentials, manage your Active Sessions, proceed to cTID website to manage Bluedot ID, or Sign Out from the Bluedot ID.

Alternatively, you can manage your Bluedot ID via the cTID website.

Here you can change your credentials, set up email notifications, manage all your active sessions, and view the trading accounts.

The description of the cTID website functions can be found in the corresponding section.

Reset cTID Password #

If you forget your current cTID password, you can reset it.

Click Forgot? In the password box of the Log In form.

You will proceed to the password reset screen. Enter your email address used to create your Bluedot ID, and click Reset Password.

Check your email inbox for a new password, and use it for logging in to the app or cTID web portal. Once logged in to the portal, change your password to something you will remember.


Sometimes the reset password email can be blocked by your spam filter. Please check your Spam folder if you do not see it.

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