Bluedot Chart Viewing Options allow show or hide different elements on the chart.

Right-click anywhere on the chart and select Viewing Options in the drop-down.

Check or uncheck the desired item to show or hide it on the chart respectively.

  • Positions – the position badge and line on the chart (if any positions are opened for the symbol).

  • Orders – the pending order badge on the chart (if any pending orders are placed for the symbol).

  • Bid Price Line – the orange line on the chart displaying the Bid price level in real-time.

  • Ask Price Line – the green line on the chart displaying the Ask price level in the real-time.

  • Grid – the grid on the chart background.

  • Period Separator – the vertical line separating the time periods on the chart.

  • Tick Volume – the tick volume bars to the bottom of the chart.

  • Deal Map – the deal arrow marks on the chart bar.

  • Chart Scale – the chart scale in pips displayed to the upper right of the chart area.

  • Price Axis Overlay Button – the Detach Chart button to the upper right on the Price axis.

  • Price Alerts – the Price Alert line on the chart (if any Price Alerts are set for the symbol).

  • Target – the indicator displaying the Trading Central data on the chart.

  • QuickTrade Button – the QuickTrade button to the top of the chart.

  • Market Sentiment. The Market Sentiment displayed below the QuickTrade button.

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