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Depending on your broker, a Bluedot ID can be created by your broker administrator.


In this case, you provide your broker your email address, he creates your cTID, you receive a Welcome email from Bluedot with the set password link, and set your password yourself.


Proceed to your inbox and find the Welcome to Bluedot ID email. Click Confirm Bluedot ID.

You will be redirected to the Bluedot ID Set Password page saying that the operation was successful and you have activated your Bluedot ID.


Enter and confirm the desired password and click Set Password.

Now your new Bluedot ID password was set and the respective email was sent to your email.

Trading Account and cTID #

Your trading accounts with a broker are automatically linked to your cTID. After logging in to Bluedot with your cTID, the respective broker’s trading accounts will open automatically.


If you have decided to create a new cTID, you can contact your broker to relink (link) your existing trading account to your new Bluedot ID.

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