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General #

The ROI Chart I am looking at does not show any information, why is this? #

In most cases, the ROI chart doesn’t show any dynamics because during the period you are looking at it, there was no activity.

Try reconfiguring the period to a longer time frame. If there is still no information and you believe it is not due to this reason, please report it to us.

Can I trade myself when I am copying other strategies? #

When you are copying a strategy you can still trade yourself but using another trading account. You cannot trade yourself using a Copy Trading Account.

Can Live accounts follow Demo strategies? #

Yes, it is possible to follow Demo strategies with your Live account. However, you should be aware that because the Strategy Provider is using a Demo account, this could affect their judgment and behaviour.

For Investors #

How much do I need to pay to follow a strategy? #

It depends on what a Strategy Provider wishes to charge for his strategy.

Some may not charge anything providing Free strategies, and some may charge Performance Fee, Management Fee, and Volume Fee in any combination depending on what they think their strategy is worth, and what they think the investors would pay for it.

Before you start copying a strategy you can check the amount of fees you are going to pay on the Start Copying button of a strategy.

What happens if a Strategy Provider stops providing a strategy that I am copying? #

A Provider can stop providing a strategy that you are copying at any time.

In this case, all your copied open positions will be closed and all the unrealized Performance and Management Fees will be realized.

Your Copy Trading Account preview status will be changed to Stopped.

The stopped strategies can be restarted by a Provider and can be copied again by an Investor unless they are removed.

Can I close the trades that I have copied from my Strategy Provider? #

All the positions that your Strategy Provider has opened on your behalf, are listed in the Positions table of your Investment profile, just like they would be if you had opened them yourself.

But you can only view them. The only way to close them is to stop following the strategy. After that, all the open positions in the list will be closed.

How many Strategy Providers can I follow? #

When you start copying a strategy, the allocated funds from your account are being converted into a Copy Trading Account.

It means that you can allocate funds for as many Copy Trading Accounts as your account balance will allow you to.

There is no limit on how many strategies you can follow with the Copy Trading Accounts allocated from one Bluedot account.

Technically, you can only be limited by your account balance and margin.

What happens when I stop copying a strategy? #

When you stop copying a strategy, all open positions copied from that strategy will be closed for your Copy Trading Account and the unrealized Performance and Management Fees will be realized after all the positions are closed.

This is because you cannot receive a close signal once you have stopped copying.

Can I contact my Strategy Provider? #

You can contact your Strategy Provider only if he has specified his contacts in the strategy profile, otherwise there is no such option by default.

Are the Stop Loss and Take Profit protections copied from the strategy I follow? #

The protections (Stop Loss and Take Profit) are not copied by the Copy Trading Accounts, but the closing signal of the strategy is copied.

Therefore, if a Stop Loss or Take Profit protection is executed for a Provider and the respective position is closed, then this position will also be closed for the follower.

My Copy Trading Account history contains trades that do not exist in the Strategy Provider’s history. Why is this happening? #

If a strategy provider’s account or a strategy follower’s account balance has changed (any balance operation occurred on the follower’s or provider’s account), then Bluedot Copy changes the follower’s positions to implement the equity-to-equity algorithm.

In this case, the follower’s Copy Trading Account history may log the trades that do not exist in the Strategy Provider’s account history.

My Copy Trading Account history is missing trades that have been executed by the Strategy Provider. Why is this happening? #

If there are not enough funds on a follower’s account, or if the follower doesn’t have the trading instruments that the strategy provider was operated with, then the respective trades of the Strategy Provider’s account won’t be copied and therefore won’t be logged in the follower’s account history.

If the follower’s account leverage is lower then the Strategy Provider’s leverage, then there’s a chance that the follower’s free margin will not be enough to copy all the trades of this strategy, and the follower’s account may reach the Stop Out earlier than the Strategy Provider.

Such trades may not be copied as well, therefore won’t be logged in the Copy Trading Account history.

Why can I not start copying a strategy? The strategy is active and other Providers are copying it. #

One strategy can be copied by only 400 Demo and 400 Live accounts from each broker at the moment.

Once the number of followers reaches the maximum number, then no new followers can copy such a strategy from the same broker.

How do I check the fees that have been charged to my account when copying a strategy? #

When copying a strategy, all the fees the Investor will be charged are displayed in the Copying Strategy profile tables.

The Performance Fee and the Management Fee are displayed in the Transactions table. The Volume Fee can be found in the History table, and the unrealized Volume Fee can be found in the Positions table.


The Volume Fee and the Unrealized Volume Fee columns are disabled by default. Right-click on any column heading and select the column you would like to add from the drop-down.

What if my account’s home currency is a currency other than USD, how are the commissions that I pay calculated? #

The commissions that you owe will be converted from USD into your account’s home currency using the actual rate at the time of processing.

For the Strategy Providers #

Who can see my Strategies? #

Everyone who is logged in with his Bluedot ID credentials can see your strategies in the Strategies list and search them by name unless your strategy is shared with traders with the Invitation link only.

In this case, your strategy is only visible to the traders with the invitation links which you provide. Learn more from the Invite in Strategies section.

Can I make my strategies private and visible only to invited Investors? #

Yes, you can make your strategy private and share it via a link directly with your followers. Only a user with the direct link you provide will be able to follow your strategy.

Please learn more at the Inviting in Strategies section.

How many Strategies can I create? #

There is no limit to the number of Strategies you can create.

You will need to create a new trading account with your broker and link it to your Bluedot ID, and become a Strategy Provider with this account, just like you did with your other trading accounts.

Can I follow other Strategy Provider’s Strategies if I am already a Strategy Provider? #

Yes, you can copy other strategies while providing your strategy for copying.

It is possible due to the Copy Trading Account allocation – when you start copying a strategy, the allocated funds from your account are being converted into a Copy Trading Account which doesn’t interact with the main account that provides a strategy for copying.

Can I contact the traders that copy my strategy (Investors)? #

The Investors will stay anonymous to you unless they email you via the contacts that you specify in your Strategy Profile.

Are my pending orders visible to the rest of the Bluedot Copy users? #

All the Limit Orders, Stop Entry, Take Profit and Stop Losses are hidden. Regarding your Open Positions – you can make them visible to everyone or to your followers only in your strategy settings.

Once I become a Strategy Provider can I stop? #

Yes, you can stop providing a strategy at any time and then manage it, restart again, or remove it completely.

But note that if there are any Investors currently copying your strategy, all the open positions within your strategy will be closed for them when you stop it.

Once I become a strategy Provider, will my trades be copied by my Providers, if I execute my trades from the Bluedot Mobile platform of my broker? #

You can trade on your strategy providing account from any application of the platform you want.

All trades placed on your account will be copied automatically by your followers.

How much can I charge for my strategy? #

It depends on what you consider your strategy is worth and what you think the other Investors would be willing to pay for it.

Technically, you may set 0 for all fees so that your strategy followers won’t be charged and your strategy will be marked as Free.

But when you become a Strategy Provider you are allowed to set all three types of fees – the Management Fee (up to 10% of your strategy Investor equity), the Performance Fee (up to 30% of your strategy Investor’s Net profit), and the Volume Fee (anything between 1 to 50 USD per million volume).

How the fees that I charge are paid to me? #

Fees are paid to the Strategy Providers in the form of a deposit by a broker as soon as the fees were charged from the follower.

The deposit will be identified as the Strategy Copying Fees. See the Fees section for more details.

Are there any fees for providing strategies? #

No, Spotware doesn’t charge any fees from the Strategy Providers for providing the strategies.

Can I charge commissions in lots instead of units? #

It is not possible to configure the type of volume in which you charge for your strategy, everything is converted into units of USD volume.

Contact Us #

Should you encounter any difficulties while using any of the Spotware products, please use our forum here to contact us.


The more information on the problem is provided (detailed description, screenshots, etc.), the faster your issue will be solved.

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