Spotware Bluedot mobile application installation process is standard and intuitive for iOS users.

This guide is designed to show how to step-by-step install Bluedot on your device, register your Bluedot ID account, and start using the application.

Usually, each Broker has it’s own branded and optimized Bluedot application and instructions on how to use it in its environment (website).

If you cannot find Bluedot via your broker website try searching directly in the App Store for “Bluedot {your broker name}” to find what you need.

Here we describe how to find and install Bluedot official application from the Apple App Store.

You can use it as the demo application or contact your broker to learn how to connect it to the official broker environment.

Minimum Requirements #

ProcessorDual Core CPU
Memory2 GB
Operating SystemiOS 9.0 or later.
Internet Connection50 kB per second or faster
HDD free space92,2 MB

Installing Bluedot: iOS device #

  1. Spotware Bluedot (Public Beta) mobile application is officially distributed via App Store.

You can download it on the link.

1.1 Alternatively, in the Play Store search for Bluedot and select the Spotware Bluedot application from the search results.

  1. Tap the download button to start the installation.

  1. When Bluedot is installed on your device, tap Open to start the application.

3.1 Alternatively, find and tap the Bluedot icon on your device desktop.

  1. To start using Bluedot, log in with your Bluedot ID. If you don’t have a Bluedot ID, then specify your email address, enter the password and tap Create account to proceed to the simple registration.

If you have registered Bluedot ID account before, then just tap Already have an account? to proceed to the Log in form.

Enter your login and password and click Log In.


You can also log in to Bluedot using your Facebook or Google accounts.

  1. When Bluedot ID account is created you should activate it. Check your email inbox and find an email from Spotware Bluedot with the activation button in it. Click Confirm Bluedot ID.

Now you are all set to start using the Bluedot mobile application on your iOS device.

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