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Bluedot Desktop application is a fully functional PC version of the Bluedot trading platform with all the charting and trading features as the other Bluedot versions.

Bluedot Desktop offers similar functionality for manual trading and charting to the other versions of the application.

Ιt allows users to get access to their trading accounts and trade from a variety of devices and operating systems. To use Bluedot Desktop , you need to install it on your machine.

This guide provides information on how to get started with Bluedot Desktop platform, the trading and charting tools and how to use them, the platform’s interface and its additional functionality, such as IB Center and Bonuses.

System Requirements #

Minimum Recommended
Processor Dual Core CPU Dual Core CPU
Memory 2 GB 4 GB
Operating System Windows 7 and higher Windows latest version
Internet Connection 50 kB per second or faster 100 kB per second or faster
Screen Resolution 1280×800
  • 13- to 15-inch screen standard ratio: 1400×1050
  • 13- to 15-inch screen widescreen: 1280×800
  • 17-inch screen widescreen: 1680×1050

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