A Deal is the result of the commercial exchange of assets. It is a response of the liquidity provider or a broker to a trader’s request to execute an Order.

Deals execute Orders and result in the Positions being opened or closed. Depending on the market liquidity, one Order can be filled either in its entirety or parts with one or several Deals respectively.

A Position is the amount of the asset held. An open position represents the trader’s risk in a symbol that is owned (bought) or borrowed and then sold. An open position is a result of filling an order.

The fastest way to open a position is a market order.

The Deals are also created when adding volume to a position or reversing its direction. An open position is closed with a Deal (or Deals) of the opposite direction.

All the open positions are displayed in the Positions tab of the Tradewatch panel. Please find the detailed information on how to open, manage, and modify the positions in the Positions section of the TradeWatch.

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