Earn interest With A Bluedot Business Account

Yielding With Bluedot Crypto

Bluedot Crypto offers interest without any lock up

As soon as you have transfered or bought crypto on Bluedot you can easily stake it and earn interest.

The Difference Between Custodial & Non Custodial Wallets

Earn Interest With No Lockup

With a Bluedot Secure Wallet for4 Business your funds will be securely held on a uniquely created API solution built on the Ethereum blockchain.


You are the only one with access and you can create a new password if you forget it. Its the World´s first 100% secure wallet.


We have built the most secure Crypto exchange in the World

With an account on Bluedot you can always feel secure. You can at any time buy, sell and transfer crypto and get interest with no lock up at all.

Get your personal account manager today.


our story

our concept & mission

The goal was to create the most secure and easy to use cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

Bluedot Crypto has a solution where only the end user owns and have access to their wallet. 

It´s indestructable & easy. 

Buy – Sell & Transfer crypto in an instant with above bank level security.